Can your WordPress website users damage your business ?

WordPress website users can log in with their accounts in several places at the same time. This can compromise the security of your multi-author WordPress site and can also do a lot of damage to your website if you are using a membership website. In this article, we will show how to prevent users from sharing passwords in WordPress by blocking concurrent connections.

Recently a user asked us this question, and searching; we found a plugin that prevents concurrent logins from avoiding this problem.

How to save your website from WordPress website users attacks?

WordPress is preferred by many people, thanks to its ease of use and the possibility of customization without the need for coding. Besides being open source, you can customize your site with various WordPress plugins. Many WordPress plugins can be used for any industry you can think of, and you can solve the specific problems you encounter and improve your site. While you have to spend thousands of dollars when you want to have the same operations done by a special software developer, you can add successful features to your site with WordPress plugins at low fees. But not every plugin can be a suitable choice for protecting your website from WordPress website user’s attacks.

How does WP-Logger users activity monitoring can help admins?

This plugin is one of the most used WordPress security plugins. This plugin guarantees your website from being hacked and damaged by potential WordPress website users. WP-Logger scans your website, monitors the user’s activity, and notifies you of potential vulnerabilities.

How to protect your logging system from WordPress website users?

The login system is one of the most important doors for all hackers; this plugin will ensure that your admin login system is well protected. This plugin offers two-factor authentication where each user profile will have a 6 to 8-digit access code, resetting every 45 seconds. As the name suggests, this is a WordPress security plugin to protect your login settings. Safe Login covers a vital security aspect of your website, WordPress backend security, and protection.

Prevent concurrent logins with a plugin

While there is a way to avoid shared access and stop simultaneous logins to your WordPress website by editing some code, installing a plugin, for example, WP-Logger, is an effective solution for many membership site owners.

Although a few different plugins can help prevent account swapping on your website, WP-Logger is my go-to option. As we can see, this plugin is regularly updated, has a strong monitoring and tracking user’s activity setting, which can prevent WordPress website users from damaging your business.

WP-Logger defends against the hackers

 WP-Logger is an extremely useful WordPress security plugin that offers the most comprehensive auto-correct protection for your WordPress site against hackers. This plugin is proactive in finding potential vulnerabilities with an advanced algorithm and fixing them to keep your site safe at all times.

Have regular updates and avoid being hacked by WordPress website users

If you install an invalid plugin and it is not up to date, you have endangered the security of your site, and this is a concern. But we have a good solution for your problem. You can observe all these things by installing additional WP and giving security to the site and yourself. The plugins regularly update a critical issue to maintain the safety of your website. Before the installation, you need to test the plugin update to prevent any suspicious actions of the users.

To prevent hackers from attacking, you must equip your WordPress site with a valid plugin that has a clear record of users logs given, user activity, and regular updates gives you the full visibility of the log changes by the users. Having access to the log reporting archives helps to comply with your website privacy. WP-Logger assures you to have a secure website; WordPress doesn’t waste your time finding other plugins to protect your website.

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