How do I track user activity in WordPress ?

How to check and monitor WordPress user activity – Did you know that you can track user activity in WordPress? There are WordPress plugins that help you track user login activities and changes you make to your website

Track user activity in WordPress with plugins

You trust your users, which is why you give them access to do certain things on your website. But people always make mistakes. If you know who is responsible for an error and what went wrong, you can fix it quickly and teach the user how to avoid this error. For example, if a moderator has approved a comment that doesn’t follow the comment guidelines, you can quickly correct their mistakes and notify them, saving you time in the future.

How to check and monitor user activity in WordPress

There are some Plugins like WP-Logger that can help you create a secure and organized WordPress website. You can easily check for changes made by users in WordPress, such as those who have created a page, uploaded an attachment, or approved a comment. Here we are going to learn about how to track user activity on WordPress with Wp -Logger. This plugin is convenient and easy compared to other plugins and has 50,000+ active installations in the WordPress repository.

WP-Logger offers

·         With this plugin, you can track attachments that have been added, deleted, or updated.

·         You can see the changes in the categories (categories and tags).

·         Wp-Logger lets you see what users’ comments have changed. That is, which of the editing comments, which one was approved, or which one was deleted.

·          Using Wp- logger, you can check users’ profile information and complete information about deleting, adding, or updating their profiles.

·         Who logged into your WordPress dashboard

·         That they were actions taken by users (Ex: Uploading images, editing publications)

·         What actions are taken on your system

·         Login failures and much more

·         Monitoring WordPress

·         user activities

Track user activity in WordPress with Wp-logger

Let’s learn how to track user activity with wp _logger

·         In the WordPress panel, go to Plugins -> Add

·          Then search the word Wp-logger

·          Once you find the plugin, click on the install button

·         In the next step, you need to activate the plugin.

·         You can now configure the plugin settings and use them to monitor user activity on your website.

To configure the plugin, go to Settings >> Wp-logger and use the following options:

Show History

Choose whether you want the date to be displayed in the WordPress dashboard or on a page in the dashboard menu! If you’re going to enable both options. Specify the number of options on each login page or in the dashboard.

Clear Log

By default, the plugin will clear all history from the database after 60 days. After making these changes, save the settings and see the result. You can also report history in both JSON or CSV formats by going to Settings >> Wp-logger >> Export. Default values ​​that we download by downloading the report history include the following: Sign in and out, the wrong password, edit post/page, upload media, widget, change user profile, etc.

Why check track user activity with Wp -logger?

Checking activities in WordPress should not be confused with spying on users. If a webmaster does not monitor user performance or content changes or has little monitoring, he or she may soon lose track of his or her site activity or illegal content is published on the site without his knowledge.

Maintaining Website Security

 The first reason to review WordPress activities is to improve website security. If an anonymous person wants to visit your site, you can follow up.

Troubleshooting the site

Another reason to review activities in WordPress is to troubleshoot and debug the website. By tracking activities on the WordPress website, you will notice any changes or problems.

Content integration:

If published content has a flaw or defect, you can edit it even if it is published. Of course, you can understand their problems only by carefully examining the content.


 Another advantage of reviewing activities in WordPress is the ability to track the activity of site members. In this case, you can better support your site users.

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