How to Track WordPress User Login History with WP-logger ?

Are you looking for a plugin to help you track WordPress user login history? If multiple users start to log into your website, you need to keep an activity log to monitor all your users’ activities on your site. This article that we bring today will discuss the WP-Logger to record the activity and monitoring of WordPress.

Why is it important to keep track of WordPress user login history?

Carrying out the monitoring of your WordPress website helps us track and be aware of the actions that users are taking on our site. For example, if you are managing a membership website, you will track the login, downloads, and various actions.

How to Monitor User Activities?

WP-Logger is a plugin that you can configure to carry out track WordPress user login history is through the monitoring system. The plugin helps you keep track of any activity carried out by your users, including changes made to content, images, or configuration directly from WordPress.

In addition, you can configure the different notifications for a specific user and thus receive an email alert each time you log in. There is a function specifically created to export all these records to your computer and analyze them in detail.

You also have additional support with various popular plugins such as Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Advanced Custom Fields, and much more.

How does WP-Logger track WordPress user login history?

WP-Logger is a fairly complete plugin that tracks WordPress user login history. It helps you know the user sessions and carries out a more detailed follow-up of the people who have entered and left your website. It has a detailed event view that will show you the activity of your users through the IP address. You will also observe the different changes made, such as creating pages, publications, comments, changes to the theme, modifications to plugins, uploading images, videos, and much more.

You can end the user’s login directly from the control panel, which will automatically close their session. The plugin is also compatible with WordPress Multisite networks, thus helping you manage and monitor all the websites you have managed with WordPress.

WP-Logger helps record activity and tracking in WordPress

·         WP-Logger is one of the best plugins you can get on this list responsible for keeping your WordPress website safe. It has a log of WordPress activity and monitoring via an email alert to notify you of important changes to your site.

·         This plugin takes care of monitoring WordPress files, plugins, and themes when any changes are made. This will help you notify you if a malicious script has been added to your website. It is also quite useful to keep track of installed plugins activated and deactivated on your website.

·         The plugin has an activity log of all user sessions, activities, login, and logout, in addition to the changes they have made to the various WordPress pages and posts. In addition, you can export the records and observe them on your computer for a more in-depth analysis.

This plugin also offers the possibility to create different reports for any activity, keep track of all of them, and download them when necessary.


User friendly Wp-logger to track WordPress user login history

WP-Logger is quite simple to use and will show you a complete activity status of your website from the WordPress administrator or any of the pages you want. You can fully track all user activity on your website. This includes everything that concerns editing pages and posts, uploading images, widgets, comments, logging in, modifying themes, and much more.

What is the best plugin to keep track of WordPress activities?

If you are looking for a solution to track WordPress user login history, Wp-logger will be one of the best options you can consider. Not only will you be aware of the activity of your website, but you will also have complete security for your website. This activity monitor allows you to scan vulnerabilities, eliminate malware, and be the best WordPress firewall against any threat.

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