Improved monitoring of WordPress Website Settings with WP-Logger

Why is WP-Logger  the ideal solution for monitoring  WordPress website settings? Do you think your WordPress website never goes down while you sleep? What if it stopped responding in the middle of the night while the other side of the world wants to access your website? This article will see how to improve monitoring WordPress website settings with WP-Logger can help you.

While you can’t sit around staring at your screen 24 hours a day to keep an eye on your websites, some Plugins will monitor if your website is down and even provide you with various possible reasons for the problems.

Why is monitoring WordPress Site Settings significant?

Controlling users’ activity is significant because Monitoring WordPress website allows you to improve your business day by day, that is your entire business area.

How to get a perfect website for your business?

There are plugins suitable for all websites and others that are very useful for certain types of sites. Some will help you manage your site or improve its performance, while others will allow you to add elements to your pages and be useful for visitors.

Furthermore, you must always consider that too many plugins risk decreasing the performance of your website, making it slow to load. For this,We recommend never exceeding the number of plugins on your WordPress site and only rely on high-quality and trusted plugins.

How does WP-Logger help monitoring WordPress website setting?

WP-Logger is a plugin that has beed trusted by many companies and wesites. You can see the very well detailed reports on WordPress dashboard and, in addition, allows you to aggregate the data in a personalized way, obtaining further reports more specific to your needs, such as data divided according to the authors of the site. It can monitor various data in real-time, such as visitors and details on traffic sources.

The existence of plugins is one of the features that allowed WordPress to become the first system to build websites. It is, in fact, the plugins that will enable WordPress to be so flexible and customizable.

Why choose WP-Logger as your WordPress website monitor?

As you want to customize your site as you wish, be careful to choose only good quality plugins like WP-Logger, with great reviews and often updated by developers. Using poor quality or little-known plugins can be risky, both in terms of security problems and the possibility of containing bugs that may not make your site work.

A great plugin for monitoring WordPress website setting

WP-Logger has other interesting features to analyze the performance of your website because it is more than just a plugin. It is a real platform to manage your entire website: from your ManageWP dashboard, you can make updates, backups, clone and migrate sites, and more, depending on the plan you choose.

WP-Logger is integrated into your site

I like this plugin because it is so quick and easy to install for monitoring WordPress website settings. Once installed, you will be able to track the behavior of your website visitors across your entire website. You will learn everything they do from the home page to product views to thank your pages. Wp-logger will be in charge of keeping a complete record of all the changes and tasks carried out by the users registered on your website with WordPress. The plugin is also useful to identify any abnormal details before they become a security problem.


As you can imagine then, plugins are very powerful tools for monitoring WordPress website settings. As always, remember that installing too many WordPress plugins is counterproductive: you risk slowing down the site and therefore obtaining lower SEO results than you deserve. Always read carefully all the features of the plugin you want to install before deciding which one is best for you.

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