Monitoring Users’ Behavior ;A Dream Come True for WordPress Admins

Monitoring users’ behaviors and internal networks’ activities have become an essential requirement for organizations – large or small. To protect the network from disruption and threats, organizations need to take proactive measures to secure their network and data. Event log data monitoring is the most accurate way to detect website anomalies, attempted data breaches, and network intrusion tracking.

Why monitoring user’s behavior is useful?

Monitoring user’s behavior and logs are of high importance for the WordPress admins. Tracking a user’s log has a wide range of uses and benefits. Probably the most significant benefit is how much more easily resolve errors and technical problems of the sites WordPress. In any problem, log tracking can help diagnose errors and see what has happened faster.

How does the user activity log help the admins?

For starters, having an activity log helps ensure accountability when making changes on your site. Since it lets you see exactly who made a particular change and when they did it, it’s impossible for attackers to avoid getting caught.

Similarly, an activity log can also be used to improve security. For example, you can quickly see if someone is trying to access your site via a brute force attack because you can track login attempts.

Why should WordPress admins monitor user’s behavior and logging?

If you use a WordPress site with multiple contributors or many of you, you probably want to stay informed about what is happening and when on your site. The problem is that it is almost impossible to track each change manually. This is where newspaper WordPress activity comes into play. These logs allow you to keep track of everything that happens on your WordPress site and store this information until you need it.

Using the best plugin, a dream become reality for WordPress admins

A common concern of every WordPress website administrator is to control the changes made by clients or users with permissions to modify WordPress settings , plugins , themes . . . and this concern is easy to eliminate with the plugin that we present below. This plugin will help you have all the changes made by the registered users of your website in history.

WP-Logger plugin

This plugin makes it easy to keep a log of activity on your WordPress site. You can also decide how detailed you want the log to be, whether this is including any minor event or focus on the more substantial updates. You can get started with the free version. You can also skip straight to using the premium edition if you need features like email notifications, WordPress reports, and activity log integration tools.

WP-Logger plugin is easy to use

When it comes to logging functionality, the WP-Logger plugin is the winner, but it is also the most complex plugin of the bunch. If you want to take full advantage of it, you will have to read how to configure it and experiment with its advanced features until you feel comfortable with them.Despite of complexity in the core ,you will enjoy it.

The simple story, on the other hand, lives up to its name. The newspapers it keeps are not difficult to classify. They are displayed on the main page of your dashboard and provide you with a quick and straightforward update of what has happened since your last login.

Event tracking features

Some of the activity log plugins that you can get are pretty similar in terms of the events they track.

To give you an idea of its integrity, the WP-Logger plugin that the Registry tracks events such as user registrations, logins, files downloaded or modified, source IP addresses, major updates, changes to your multisite network, and more.


Monitoring user’s behavior and WordPress activity logs are a simple solution to a complex problem: the need to know what is happening on your website. Once your site starts to grow, it can be challenging to keep up with everything. However, the use of logs allows you to store all the data you need and explore it as you wish.

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