Why You Should Use the WP-Logger Plugin On WordPress ?

If you are wondering why you should use the WP-Logger plugin on WordPress, you need to keep reading this blog to get a comprehensive guide of WP-Logger benefits for your site. Running a multi-author blog or subscription site involves unique challenges such as stopping spam registrations and managing the editorial workflow.

Why You Should Use the WP-Logger Plugin On WordPress؟

There are basic plugins used in WordPress, which is the most basic option for WordPress website admins. Although WordPress installation is the simplest aspect of the job, maintaining and managing this site is the most difficult job. There are many add-ons available for free and paid users to ensure continuity and manage our website. Plugins are the main element that makes WordPress the most used system. WP-Logger Plugin is a suitable platform for maintaining your website security and promoting your website usability. Let’s learn together why we should use WP-Logger Plugin on WordPress.

Why should we choose the WP-Logger Plugin?

WP-Logger plugin is a WordPress plugin that tracks and logs all the activities that happen in WordPress to help you detect any strange or suspicious behavior before it becomes a threat from real security for your site. For example, if you run a large website with many authors contributing to the site, you need to make sure that you have complete tracking of what they are doing.

WP-Logger  is your WordPress security guard

Another important point that you should pay attention to when you set up and start developing your site is security. Although you may not need it first, you will be more likely to be attacked by malicious people and your competitors when you rise and become popular. Even though the security plugins bear all the burden in this regard, your duty is not to use any nulled and warez plugins on your site. WP-Logger plugin can be a   suitable choice to prevent attacks and security problems.

How does the WP-Logger plugin track attacks?

When you look at the map of cyber-attacks worldwide, you start to think about how strong the possibility of an attack on your site one day. For this reason, you should ensure the security of your site from the first day. When you start to rise and are noticed by your opponents, you are more likely to be exposed to possible attacks. The Wp-Logger plugin tracks possible attacks without tiring the servers too much in terms of performance. Even if you don’t notice, it monitors your site 24 hours a day, keeping records of possible attacks.

Monitoring users activity with WP-Logger

Monitoring user’s activity and logs are one reason why admins must use the WP-Logger plugin on WordPress. There are several very valid cases of the use of activity logs. Sometimes users can accidentally make a mistake that could damage your WordPress website. Having an activity tracking log helps you identify and resolve these issues faster.

Although we use the traffic monitoring and analysis tool through Google Analytics, some users also want to see page traffic through WordPress. For this, after installing the WP-Logger plugin, you can examine which pages are visited from which country, in which way, on a day/week and monthly basis.

How does the WP-Logger plugin monitor the users?

Since the wp logger will show you which user made a mistake, you can also educate him on best practices to prevent the same error in the future. By default, the WP-Logger plugin allows you to monitor logins, logout, incorrect password, post/page modification, media upload, plugin installation/update, user profile changes, and many more.

Detect any request, record, and control based on specific criteria, blocking, blocking, email alert, hiding, etc. Working based on the low-level log, you can log any user request. This can help you monitor any user, any plugin, and investigate potential issues. The plugin is made with performance in mind, based on optimized custom tables.

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